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LEBA Innovation


High-quality mobile storage solutions


7 professional charging solutions

Available for any device on the market


Tailored to your devices

High-end power spec & configurations available


Charging and synchronisation

Charge & sync options available

Who is LEBA Innovation


LEBA Innovation A/S established in Haslev – Denmark in 2006 – came as an offspring of an IT reselling company providing laptop computers to schools in Denmark when the Danish educational sector began its digitalization in the 1990’s.
Since its inception LEBA has produced a unique trolley – the NoteCart – and many complementary products subsequently such as cases, boxes and bags for the transport, storage and charging of any type of laptop computers, chromebooks, tablets, smartphones, robots etc. in all settings within the educational, healthcare and corporate sector etc.


Why LEBA Innovation


A combination of a high level of durable quality, a beautiful Nordic design, great usability and huge efficiency during operations of the products have let to high demand from schools, hospitals, elder- & homecare and other public institutions and private businesses all over Europe for more than a decade. Today’s digital teaching must be easy and straightforward. Devices must be fully charged, securely stored and ready for use throughout the day. Devices must be quick and easy to move from one place to another, and Leba product ensure this is done in a secure way.

Hero products


NoteCase Falcon 16

NCU-16-SH-SC, 1

NoteCart Unifit 16

NoteCart Flex 32

NoteCart Flex 32

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