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Value-Add Distribution Focused on Education and B2B


Latest News

  • Las Vegas is a city that never sleeps and is home to the famous Las Vegas Strip; a hub for shopping, fine dining, nightlife, and entertainment. If you're waiting for your next adventure or want to get a taste of the Entertainment Capital of the World, you're in luck. Tech Unlimited has partnered with MAXCases to give away a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Vegas!...

  • Our co-founders noticed the need for a distributor with a personal touch that offers a flexible approach and so, in January 2020, TU was born. Shortly afterwards, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, meaning our first year as a new business has not been at all what we expected....

  • The support from the channel has allowed our first year to be a success and has meant growth each month, despite the challenges of starting a new business during a pandemic. On Monday we announced our huge giveaway with 6 of our vendors, where one lucky winner will receive a range of products to aid home working worth over £750....

About Us

Tech Unlimited (TU) is a device accessory and CE specialist distributor focused on building brands across EMEA by delivering a value-add focus for brands and our customers. With significant investment and infrastructure in place, combined with years of experience of how a distribution partner can work best for resellers, TU has hit the ground running with a focus on the Education, B2B. Our core values are knowledge, community, customer-centric, trust and passion.

Our Brands

Interactive learning through play and movement

Bring creativity to your classroom

Blazing fast peer evaluations to assess group collaboration

Education audio headsets

Charging & storage solutions for all types of devices

Customised charging stations and carts

Dedicated to K12 Education, quality protection & customer service

Solutions for any use, for any device

Student Engagement Platform

Protect your environment

Medically rated screen protectors that filter harmful blue light

Certified Military Standard protection

Ultimate protection for your IT equipment

Material Innovators on a mission to make leather extinct

By Apple fans for Apple fans

MAXCases Versus the Competition

Launch event @ BETT 2020

We are delighted with the market feedback on the quality, functionality & price point of MAXCases. Our simple tick list vs the competition demonstrates why the TU have been receiving great feedback on MAXCases. We are so confident in the product we have taken a stock position that means we can cater for all your needs both now & over the education peak. Call your TU account manager today for more information.

Contact us on the following

Tech Unlimited
2/3 Chancery Gate Business Park,
Cradock Road,
(by appointment only)

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