Keep Hardware Secure in Education and Retail

Keep Hardware Secure in Education and Retail


Shops Are Reopening on 12th April in the UK

After months of closures due to coronavirus, shops in the UK will be reopening from Monday 12th April. While expensive hardware used by stores allows day-to-day operations to thrive, retailers must invest in high-quality security solutions to protect stores against theft. If you have retail stores or work with resellers that supply into retail, either in the UK or further afield, you must ensure all hardware is secured.


As well as protecting hardware, Ultima Security’s products increase practicality for staff. Through the ability to mount devices to walls or desks, staff know where devices are at all times. This allows devices to be easily monitored and cleaned down, which is crucial in the current climate. Ultima Security offers a range of security solutions for retailers:


Secure Desk Tilt Mount for iPad

Secured to a surface to stop theft, can be tilted 135 degrees allowing ease of use and multiple viewing angles, choice of black or white, the tablet can be charged whilst in enclosure and power cable cannot be removed once installed, and enclosure can be fixed to the mount in landscape or portrait.


Universal Tablet Stand

Robust and universal tablet stand, elevated cradle with a 30-degree angle, adjustable silicon rubber feet hold the tablet in place, encourages better posture for the tablet user, and has 2mm high-grade aircraft aluminium. For tablet security, combine with Security Pad and Laptop Security Cable (shown below in the bundle).


iPhone 12 Security Clamp

Bespoke, discreet clamp providing a secure solution, easy to install, and can be used with Ultima Security’s cables.


Secure Flat to Wall Mount for iPad

Secured to a wall to stop theft, fits directly to the wall for a less obtrusive appearance, made from 3mm steel and equipped with a high-security push lock to keep the tablet secure, stylish design with a durable finish, and choice of black or white.

Bundle Available!

There is also a bundle option available, consisting of the Universal Tablet Stand (black), Laptop Security Cable (black), and the Security Pad:


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