Ocushield’s Answer to Blue Light and Its Effect on Children

Ocushield’s Answer to Blue Light and Its Effect on Children

In today’s digital age, our average screen time is on the rise both at home and at work. Covid-19 has meant a significant growth, with lockdown causing a 200% increase in our screen time in the last six months. This growth is a concern for our health, particularly with blue light absorption.

You may have heard of blue light, but what exactly does it mean?

Our eyes frequently absorb blue light from the sun, which can improve attention, energy, and mood. Alternatively, artificial blue light emitted from our digital devices can be harmful, especially to children who are more vulnerable to its impacts.

Compared to adults, a child’s eyes have yet to develop a crystalline lens, which acts as a natural filter. Children also possess a low amount of macular pigment, acting as a natural blue light filter in their eyes. They also have larger pupils, meaning more blue light can enter their retinas.

So, what impact can this have on children?

Sleepless nights can impact a child’s mood and ability to concentrate. A poor night’s sleep, followed by a long school day, can hinder a child’s ability to focus in the classroom. Society’s immersion in technology also means that digital devices play an essential role in schools. This constant technology use both at home and in school can result in blurry vision, as well as headaches for some little ones.

While an escape from digital devices may seem challenging, there is a range of products available that can protect a child’s eyes from blue light. Ocushield’s products help to protect little ones’ eyes, their sleep, and digital devices, all while retaining true colour. Developed by qualified optometrists, their screen protectors for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops effectively block harmful blue light emissions.

Children can beat eyestrain and headaches, fall asleep faster after device use; all with a crystal clear image and no tinge!

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