XtremeMac Accessories for Apple Devices

XtremeMac Accessories for Apple Devices

XtremeMac’s product design possesses an engaging balance of minimal form, alluring colours, and innovative materials designed to resonate with Apple enthusiasts. After launching the very first iPod case in 2001, XtremeMac has since been driven by a passion for providing the top innovative accessories for Apple and Android devices. Every XtremeMac product enhances the Apple experience with clean shape, innovative features, and intuitive experiences, allowing users to connect, protect, power, and play. Tech Unlimited now has a large amount of stock available in our UK warehouse, featuring products that have had fantastic market feedback and are ideal for iMac rollouts.

Keyboard and Mouse Bundles Available 

Did you know we have a keyboard and mouse bundle available, consisting of the Wired Keyboard and Universal Wired Mouse? The plug and play full layout keyboard has been created to contemplate a modern desk set-up. Simply plug in the USB-A cord and the keyboard is ready to use.

The Wired Keyboard has the following features:

  • Designed for MAC OS systems, the keyboard includes convenient function hotkeys and a full numeric keypad
  • Quiet, functional, and efficient typing, the keyboard is perfect for everyday use
  • Stylish Apple-style design with strong structure, the perfect addition to an iMac or MacBook

The Universal Wired Mouse is:

  • Comfortable with a soft rubber grip and quiet click
  • Slim and lightweight in design
  • Fast and precise with its DPI:1200
  • Able to simply connect the device in use via the USB-A port
  • 1,35m long cable, plus a stylish design with black and space grey colour


Type-C Hubs and Docking Hub Station

We also have a range of Type-C hubs and a docking hub station available. The following hubs allow users to get the most out of their MacBook’s USB-C port:

  • Type-C Hub (8 ports)
  • Type-C Hub for MacBook and iPad Pro (6 ports)
  • Type-C Hub (5 ports)
  • Type-C Hub (3 ports)
  • Type-C Docking Station


Type-C Hub with 8 Ports


Type-C Hub with 6 Ports for MacBook and iPad Pro 


Type-C Hub with 5 Ports


Type-C Hub with 3 Ports


Type-C Docking Hub Station

For more information or to receive a quote, please get in touch with our sales team by emailing sales@techunlimited.co.